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Aldi Lullabies Baby Wipes vs Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

Aldi Lullabies Baby WIpes

Thinking about trying Aldi's Lullabies Baby Wipes, but want a little more info before testing them out? This review will attempt to compare the Aldi Lullabies wipes to name-brand premium wipes, specifically Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes.

You're probably familiar with German-based discount supermarket chain Aldi for their penny-pinching prices on off-brand groceries, but they also sell a small selection of health, baby and personal care supplies. Aldi markets "Lullabies" brand wipes in a yellow and blue package of 56 wipes for a whopping 85 cents - yes, $0.85! It was this attractive price that initially inspired me to try out the Aldi wipes. I was curious how Aldi's Lullabies baby wipes stacked up against nationally recognized name brand wipes, specifically Pampers Sensitive Wipes.

Aldi Lullabies vs Pampers Sensitive

Aldi Lullabies Baby Wipes: The Details

It's a little hard to read in the above photo, but Aldi Lullabies wipes measure 7.0"x7.5" and state that they are hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and contain aloe and Vitamin E. At my local Aldi store, the Lullabies wipes only come in this 56-count size, in a crinkly plastic wrapper with a hard plastic pop top. It's noteworthy that the package holds just 8 fewer wipes than a full-size 64-count tub of name-brand wipes in a lot smaller size - if you're looking for a diaper-bag friendly package, Aldi has managed to cram a lot of wipes into a compact size.

The Pampers Sensitive wipes in the travel size pack that I had handy are actually a little smaller at 7.0"x7.0". The only callout similar to Aldi's claims is a statement that they're fragrance free. Interestingly we also have a jumbo 9-refill pack (576 wipes) of Pampers Sensitive wipes and the size is even smaller still - 7.0"x6.8", and that box says perfume free, not fragrance free. (Wipes definitely have a unique smell to them, I suppose some consumers protested that the wipes actually do have a fragrance.)

Aldi Lullabies Baby Wipe Ingredients
The ingredients in Aldi Lullabies Baby Wipes list off several long chemicals, plus aloe and chamomile extracts.

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipe Ingredients
Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes ingredients contain a slightly different list of long-named chemicals and some of the same ingredients, including aloe and chamomile.

Frankly, if you're on daddy duty, the difference in size and ingredients is moot. You only grab one wipe at a time anyway, and the extra half-inch of material isn't going to make or break a clean-up job. As far as ingredients go, I really didn't care what was in there as long as it didn't cause diaper rash and could stand up to big messes.

Aldi Lullabies Wipes Comparison

Aldi Lullabies Baby Wipes: Test Results

In informal testing, both wipes performed just fine at cleaning big-time messes from our baby's bottom. Not surprisingly, I found our baby didn't seem to care for one brand over the other. The Pampers wipes had a slightly softer, stretchy feel that made me think they were a bit gentler than the Aldi wipes. But the Aldi wipes seemed a little tougher and had textured ridges that really did a nice job at cleaning seedy green poop off our peanut's behind.

Aldi Lullabies Baby Wipes Review
The Pampers wipes are on the left, while the Aldi wipes are on the right. As far as thickness goes, I didn't notice a significant difference between them, although the Pampers wipes in the jumbo box say 20% thicker than their Natural Clean version in large print. Dampness levels were also similar right out of the package, and of course you could always sprinkle a little water over them if you prefer a moister wipe.

When you consider costs, the Aldi Lullabies wipes are $0.85 for 56 wipes, or 0.01517 cents per wipe. Pampers Sensitive prices vary depending on where you buy them and how many you buy at a time. Online pricing from target.com shows 10.99 for 448 wipes, or 0.02453 cents per wipe.

To be fair, Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes are a premium wipe, while I would consider Aldi Lullabies wipes to be an off-brand budget wipe. If you're thinking about cost in the first place you're more likely to be considering wipes that aren't necessarily "natural", "sensitive" or "unscented", but the point of this review is that if Aldi Lullabies wipes compare reasonably well to a more expensive wipe like the Pampers Sensitive wipes, odds are good they'll compare favorably with other less expensive wipes too.

The bottom line is that for $0.85 it can't hurt to try Aldi's Lullabies Baby Wipes... they might not be your favorite, but they're definitely not too bad. Have you had a positive or negative experience with Aldi's wipes? Leave your feedback in the comments section below!


  1. I absolutely love these wipes they are wonderful !! the price is great and they are more durable then some named brand wipes with less chemicals,

  2. I have a colostomy and these wipes are perfect for cleaning around my stoma.

  3. As an expectant mother, I am stocking up on these wipes each time I go to Aldi! Aldi's has great products and I am always taken back at what great products they have at such wonderful prices!

  4. As an expectant mother, I am stocking up on these wipes each time I go to Aldi! Aldi's has great products and I am always taken back at what great products they have at such wonderful prices!

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  6. hi! you have great products and wonderful prices but I know disposablehygiene.com is offering totally safe and help reduce the adverse impact on the planet.

  7. I happen to have both of these products on the changing station right now. Lullabies are waaay better at cleaning up the breastfed poos as well as my 2 year olds poos due to the deep grooves and thick material. I'd like to add the Kroger brand Comforts use the same wipe paper but I haven't compared price

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  10. I had no Aldi had a baby stash until their commercial recently. I'm a Pampers Mama all the way...until I tried Target brand wipes and really whatever was cheaper including a pack of Aldi wipes. And..surprisingly I prefer the softness of Up & Up over Pampers wipes OR the cost & thickness of Aldi wipes. Outta wipes today and heading to Aldi as we speak to stock up on a bigger box. Also- I was happy with the Aldi diapers as well :) Yay for the wallet!